Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Reality Therapy Applied in a Case free essay sample

Li Yan thought he is incapable man, he was not admitted to university, he cannot find a job absolutely. Now, his think his mother also was disgusting with him and not loves him anymore. He feel very helpless and sadness. Li Yan also did not join in any activities after graduated. He spent his time at home with computer all day. Reality therapy applied in this case How reality therapy applied in the case Reality therapy emphasis on responsibility, it assumes that people should responsible for their own behavior. Also, reality therapy believe that human have an inner growth power, this kind of inner growth power driven human to produce psychological needs that consistently of their whole life, and it is the need of identity. (Glasser, 1965) According to Glasser’s(1965) analyze, identity divided to success identity and failure identity. A person who has failure identity always escape from reality, do irresponsible behaviors, and feel alone and sad. We will write a custom essay sample on Reality Therapy Applied in a Case or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In Li Yan’s case, we can find that Li Yan had a failure identity of himself. He thought he was incapable, and he could not do anything. This kind of failure identity caused him escape from the reality. He stayed home every day and addicted in computer, also he did not consider about his future. He was not admitted to college is the main reason caused his failure identity about himself. It has another important reason caused his failure identify is he felt he was unlovable. From the case we can find that Li Yan had a quarrel with his mother and he thought his mother not loves him anymore. He felt he was not to be loved, and that kinds of feeling deepened his failure identity. In this case, the most important factor that pushes Li Yan to change is to change his failure identity. According to Glasser(1965), human have five basic needs, there are need for survival and reproduction; need for belonging, include love and be loved, cooperate with others and sharing; need for power, include self-value and be appreciated; need for freedom and need for fun. The first need is physiological need, and the second to fifth is psychological needs. Among these five basic needs, Glasser(1965) emphasis on the need to love and be loved and the need to feel that we are valuable to ourselves and to others. Satisfied these psychological needs are good for people to develop success identity. In this case, I will target to change Li Yan‘s failure identity and instead of success identity, and also work to change his feelings of he is a incapable person and he was not to be loved. What I will do to change Li Yan’s failure identity is following in the strategies and skills of reality therapy. First, I will build a rapport relationship with Li Yan, and explore his wants. Second, focus on his current behavior. Third, getting him has a self-evaluation about his current behavior. Forth, assistant Li Yan to design plans to change. Build rapport with Li Yan Build rapport is the first step, also a very important step in intervention. When I was first interview with Li Yan, I always keep eye contact with him, I use a warm speaking way to talk with them, and I showed my care to him. In the first interview, I showed willing to communicate with him, and I shared my own experience sometimes. Also, I showed I have confidence in him, and I trust he is capable to change his life and become happy. In the whole section, I showed respect and accept, and I told him I was willing to talk anything or any questions with him, and I also willing to accompany with him to face the difficulties and challenges, and we can work together to resolve difficulties. At the session of build rapport, I talked with him about his interesting and the topic he wants to talk. We talked computer, basketball and movie stars. At the session of build rapport, I avoided talk about his faults and problems. This kind of way can make Li Yan feel relax and feel trust me.

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