Friday, February 28, 2020

Institutionalized Juveniles and their rights Essay

Institutionalized Juveniles and their rights - Essay Example In judging on a proposal to make a hearing private, the court must take into account the maturity and age of the offender, charges against the offender, probability of confidentiality breach, and the advantage of privacy to the offender and weigh these issues against the advantage of an open hearing (Champion, 1997). A juvenile offender has the right to be allocated a guardian. A guardian of a person may be appointed for the offender if the court establishes it will be at the best interest of the juvenile offender, or if no guardian, custodian, or parent turns up at a hearing with the offender (Champion, 1997). A considerable body of law ascertains the rights of incarcerated and detained juvenile offenders and safeguards their rights in confinement. Ombudsman programs also help to supervise juvenile correctional facilities. They safeguard the rights of juvenile offenders in custody. The people who protect juvenile offenders’ rights derive their authority from the Supreme Court, and juvenile codes and statutes (Champion,

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Internship paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Internship paper - Essay Example It is a work environment where any career hotel manager would desire to work in. Employees in all departments undertake their tasks separately and share information through a file named ‘HR file’ in the office network that is administered by the HR department. According to Haves & Ninemeir (2012), workplace ergonomics influence worker motivation and productivity. A good work environment has helped to maintain skilled and experienced staff in the organization. Teamwork is also a significant strategy that promotes employee productivity. There is a high level of teamwork among the employees who often assist each other despite everyone having enough work to do. By the smile on the faces of everyone that is maintained all along as they work, a high level of employee satisfaction is evident. Luo & Milne (2014) highlight the importance of employee satisfaction to an organization’s productivity. Happy employees demonstrate a strong drive to achieve in their respective roles. As much as an organization may be interested in making great profits, it is necessary to be people oriented to ensure that they own the organizational goals and hence work towards their accomplishment. The management at Hilton Hotel Jeddah understands that product superiority and profits come as a result of a competent and committed workforce and hence the application of people oriented strategies in the management of human resources. Mr. Jamar is the training manager and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. His decision to work in this field is because it fits his specialization. It is important to be engaged in a field where one is skilled for high productivity to be achieved. An education background in human resource management or psychology might be helpful in this field. It is also important to possess interpersonal skills to relate effectively with workmates and the management. The